Welcome to Koco D'Luv Enterprise

Koco Crunch Plantain chips is the newest crunchy snack on the lips of our increasing clients every day. It’s made with the best of non-gmo plantain sourced from a reliable farm in the Eastern Region of Ghana.
We use healthy cooking oils that prevents any health issues. Through proper advertising, we hope to reach our objective of profit maximization.





Best-Selling Products

Regular Chips:  Our crunchy plantain chips are additives free.

Kele Spice: Spicy and delicious bites with a flavor weather mild or hot that can satisfy any sweet tooth.

Sweet:  Crispy, thin layered and savory. Our plantain chips are made with simple ingredients and contains no sugar. An authentic traditional plantain sensation.

Client Testimonials

Koco Crunch Production Process

Koco D’Luv Enterprise uses the best practices through routine inspections and test during processing, specifications and corrective action at every production stage to ensure that only the best quality product is delivered to its consumers.

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