About us

Koco D’Luv Enterprise was established in February 2018 registered under the Registrar Generals Department. it started as a sole proprietorship in October 2012 as a sustainable snack based project. The business is situated at Adabraka in the city’s capital. The demand for plantain chips has been very high as most people enjoy nibbling it as snacks after a heavy meal. The location has several options for selling the product at: Supermarket, Offices, Hotels, Restaurant and Pubs, Traffic areas, Cluster of schools, Shell shops across the regions.
The whole idea of Koco Crunch is to give consumers the best crunchy naturally made plantain chips the Ghanaian way. Across the world people are becoming conscious of what they consume. Consideration is being giving to food and especially to snacks. Plantain Chips is a delicacy of Sub-Sahara Africa. This Natural product knows no boundaries or colour, young or old, rich or poor. Everybody, whenever the opportunity presents itself, gets a bite with passion.

Why you must patronize our products

We often see this tasty snack with street vendors in their baskets in traffic in the hot scotching sun running up and down to sell to consumers either on their way to work or returning from work. Some handle it directly in their hands. Others are seen packaging it right beside the road side before selling to consumers. Sometimes the left over product which has not been sold for a couple of days are mixed with fresh ones and packaged together. Worse of all is the taste of the oil and the artificial color added to give it that bright yellow color. Putting all these factors together, Koco D’Luv Enterprise realized the need to provide this tasty snack naturally and crunchy and produce under certified hygienic conditions.

Affiliations and Membership

Koco D’Luv Enterprise is a member of the Ghana Enterprise Agency(GEA) and in anticipation of becoming an exporter, a member of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) where capacity building has been offered in exports.





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