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Koco D’luv Survive’s During Covid 19

Many food joints, hotels, restaurant were greatly affected by the pandemic. A sudden change in the way people eat was exuberated by the Covid 19 pandemic. Many recommendations from health experts went viral as to what to eat to build our immune system so as to hedge against the health challenges of Covid 19. For many food lovers, plantain chips will not be a great choice in the new normal way of living. However, Koco D’Luv, a leading snack processor of Koco Crunch Plantain Chips (Ripe and Unripe) saw an opportunity in the midst of the pandemic to stay relevant and sustain the business.
Established in the year 2018 with registration number BN080362018 with the Registrar Generals Department, the Plantain Chips business has gained a lot of attraction among its numerous customers across the country and beyond and continues to grow even in this moment where business is slow.
Koco D’Luv uses the best practices through routine inspections and tests during processing, specification and corrective action at every production stage of their Plantain Chips to ensure that only the best quality product is delivered to its consumers.
A visit to their licensed facility at Adabraka by FDA (Food and Drugs Authority) and you will see their spicy flavored Plantain Chips popular known as Kele Spice sizzling in fresh oil. The idea was not only to be innovative but to support the fight against the pandemic in providing healthy snacks and boosting the customer’s immune system whiles working from home.
The Kele Spice Plantain Chips is made with ginger, chilli pepper and other local spices purchased from the market. A pack of Koco Crunch Kele Spice Plantain Chips flavored with ginger, can support your immune system, that’s due to gingerol, a compound that has antioxidant properties to help support your immunity. While some chemical compounds in ginger may decrease over time, the drying process enhances other beneficial ones.
At Koco D’Luv, only fresh vegetable oils are used to produce the plantain chips.
Since the reported case of Covid 19 in March 2020, Koco D’Luv have put in measures to keep its staff safe and to give its customers a risk free environment during delivery of its products. We have been proactive in many ways.
First of all, we have procured Veronica Buckets at the factory premises with liquid detergents and tissues available. Each staff has their own hand sanitizers, nose mask, and we observe strict ‘No Nose Masks No Entry’ policy. A sitting area have been set for the delivery guys to wait for product pickup.
Enhanced cleaning of the factory premises is always our priority before and after production. The nature of our business also brings us closer to Kayayees who transport the plantains from the market to the factory premises. Our staff wear gloves to receive the produce and immediately wash plantains with clean water provided by Ghana Water Company Limited, whiles sorting out in sizes before it goes to the peeling stage.
Our staff are all food certified to avoid any contamination whiles ensuring good quality control measures. Our delivery personnel from Ohare Delivery services are supervised to observe hand washing before picking up the products to the various customers.
We continue to assure our clients, suppliers and partners the preparedness of Koco D’Luv in fighting against Covid 19 and to continually serve them with freshly made healthy plantain chips.